K3 Visa – Marriage Visa

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K3 visa for marriage

Finally there is a way to speed up the visa process for the foreign wife or husband of a United States citizen  immigrating to the U.S.  Until now it was three to four times faster to obtain a Fiancee Visa ( K1 Visa ) for marrying inside the U.S. than it was to obtain a Marriage Visa ( Spousal Visa ) for a wife or husband of a U.S. citizen.  Now, with the newly created K3 visa, the waiting time for a marriage visa for an international marriage is much shorter than before. 

The time it takes our offices to obtain a K3 visa for a foreign spouse depends on where your wife or husband is from and where the overseas marriage took place.  If you will call us we will be glad to provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate of the visa timing based on your situation.

Do I Need an Attorney for a K3 Visa?

K1 fiance or K3 visa

The USCIS (formerly the “INS” and “BCIS”) and U.S. State Department both believe that roughly half of the international marriages of Americans to foreigners are sham marriages.  A great deal of effort is undertaken by the U.S. government to scrutinize each international visa application and reject filings for any “legitimate” reason, including minor procedural errors.  The amount of paperwork involved in filing for a K3 visa is almost double the amount required for a fiancĂ©e visa.

If you make any mistakes or omissions in your filing for the K3 marriage visa, however minor they may seem to you, it will delay the visa’s approval, and thus your spouse getting to the U.S., by many months.  While the rules in this area of immigration law have changed, there are no new visa forms or instructions available to the public which address these changes.  The USCIS has not yet even begun to address many issues, some of which are subtle and unsuspecting.  A qualified attorney experienced in these specialized american immigration laws will be able to anticipate and respond to issues as they arise.

I think you will agree that having an experienced law firm with experienced immigration attorneys handle your K-3 visa petition is a very wise move.  Not only is our success rate on several thousand K-1 Fiancee Visa petitions we have filed since 1991 still 100%, but in the short time the K-3 Spousal Visa has been in effect, we have handled all of them also with a 100% success rate. We are well versed in this area of immigration law and can appropriately advise you based on your situation.